Given the internet’s fundamental importance to American society’s ability to function, the impending danger inherent in the FCC’s proposal to repeal the ‘net neutrality rule’ compels all of us to take action to defend it. In somewhat public-utility- like fashion, the rule requires internet providers to treat all users equally. Blocking, or slowing-down some transmissions, or overcharging some customers is prohibited.

Not unlike the nervous system which carries sensations to the brain and instructions back to our various members, the net might well now be our most important communication route. Free flow of these transmissions is the expectation on which our governmental, business and personal relations are built.

Absent the neutrality requirement, net providers are free to act as gate-keepers to the flow of information. In the current Information Age, this is far too much power to concentrate in any such private, profit-seeking artificial entities. Advancement of their own interests (economic or political), or those of favored third parties, provides a powerful inducement to those who have the power to manipulate our communications to do so.

Disruption of our fundamental understanding of how we relate to each other is threatened.

And it impinges on our constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech. We would still be free to utter our thoughts. But the great volume of those we attempt to broadcast to others over the net would, in effect, ‘fall on deaf ears’ if this frequent means of communication is throttled. A bit like the tree that falls in the forest where no one is present to hear it. But, unlike that harmless event, it would undermine a favorite & frequently relied upon aspect of our way of life.

Each of us must tell our elected representatives to prevent the repeal of ‘net neutrality’.

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