Principles underlying insurance should be followed closely in replacing Obamacare, because programs that pay for healthcare are a type of insurance. This calls for spreading risk so widely that only a relatively few will file claims in any one claim period. Generally, the larger the pool, the lower the premiums. Our populace not currently otherwise protected by health insurance who are now at risk – those covered by Obamacare and others – constitute an enormous group. If kept intact they would seem to provide an ideal risk pool to provide the optimum combination of broad coverage and low premiums. There is precedent for this: Medicare. Why not expand that program to include these folks ? Two welcome results would be expected. The newcomers would receive quality affordable broad health care. And the infusion of these younger, likely less claim prone individuals into the existing mostly 65+ Medicare population would provide badly needed reinforcement of this vital and popular program.

Unfortunately, Obamacare divided its clientele, state-by-state, into 50 smaller groups.

Vaunted ‘freedom to choose a plan that suits one’s needs’ is snake oil, as at the time the choice would be made, the needs that are to be insured against will arise in the future. None of us can look into the future and foresee the illnesses or injuries which we will suffer.. Even those with pre-existing conditions can not be sure of the precise nature, extent and timing of the treatment they will need. So, there is much guessing involved.

Any perceived disadvantage to younger persons arising out of inclusion is self correcting as they age.

So, let’s debate the merits of a health insurance plan that most closely adheres to the fundamental principles of insurance. Assemble the largest possible risk pool, with the anticipation of producing maximum benefits for the lowest premium. Reinforcement of Medicare would be an anticipated bonus.

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