Congressional Republicans would now allow insurance companies to issue healthcare policies with only limited benefits, so long as they also offer some policies with the broad Obamacare coverages. Among the features of such plans might be a limitation on the sorts of maladies for which protection would be provided, the right to choose which sorts of pre-existing conditions would disqualify one for coverage and a low cap on the amount the company would pay out. Presumably these low benefit plans would cost less and appeal to those who perceive themselves to be healthy, articularly the young. Older folks with less means to pay would be relegated to more expensive plans.

This will surely be trumpeted as the ‘freedom to choose’ the coverage that suits one’s needs. But it simply ignores the reality that none of us can foresee the maladies or injuries for which we will need medical treatment.

An, as yet missing, honest portrayal of the stark consequences of being stranded with less medical treatment than needed must precede further legislation. How many of us , when stricken with a life threatening health problem, would simply say: “O.K., I did not choose the plan that would provide the treatment that would cure me. Just take me home to die”

“Junk” is a fair characterization of such policies, as these are certain to be worthless to many who would purchase them. In blessing health insurance policies which offer little assistance in this area of bankruptingly high medical costs, the Republicans are foisting a cruel hoax on the public.

Expanding Medicare to include the Obamacare congregation would provide these folks with affordable, broad healthcare coverage. It would also infuse Medicare with this enormous group of younger, less claim-prone insureds and provide badly needed reinforcement for this vital and popular program.

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