Who of us does not want to receive the necessary medical care when illness or injury strikes ? In my 90 years, I have never known anyone. Do you?

A forthright exploration of this question should be the point of departure in any discussion of the Republican proposed Obanacare replacement. An ability to enroll in healthcare insurance coverage that would leave the ravages of a serious malady untreated is a key feature of their proposal. This glosses over the reality that nobody, not even the young, can foresee, with confidence, that they will be blessed with good health, or which maladies they can avoid.

Perhaps Congressional Republicans believe they have large numbers of constituents who would be willing to forgo treatment that could relieve suffering. Unless this is actually true, they are playing fast and loose with the best interests of the American people.

Unfortunately, they have approached this subject conversely, from the standpoint of cost.  And they have condemned broad coverage as a “government mandate”.  Of course, low priced plans will appeal to those who perceive themselves to be healthy, so that they will need little physicians services – principally the young. So framed, the issue skirts the heart of the matter. An artificial result is produced.

Contrived versions of actuality are the common currency of politicians of all stripes. And too often are the vehicle to achieve a place at the public trough. But, the deception is, in many cases, eventually exposed. Often in the wake of damage and destruction. Currently rampant distrust of government is the unfortunate consequence.

Public reaction to the inclusion of cheaper but limited medical care coverage options in the proposed replacement for Obamacre has not yet been accurately gauged. An, as yet missing, honest portrayal of the stark consequences of being stranded with less medical treatment than needed must precede further legislation. How many of us , when stricken with a life threatening health problem, would simply say: “O.K., I did not choose the plan that would provide the treatment that would cure me. Just take me home to die”?

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